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Season 2

Attendance system - Season 2

You can get daily rewards by login in everyday. These are the rewards on season 2.

After you reach day 20 the rewards will repeat.
DayImageItem IDNameAmount
1Kafra Card12211Kafra Card10
2Blessing Scroll12215Blessing Scroll10
3Increase Agility Scroll12216Increase Agility Scroll10
4Dungeon Teleport Scroll14527Dungeon Teleport Scroll3
5Field Manual 50%12263Field Manual 50%1
6Convex Mirror12214Convex Mirror5
7Tyr's Blessing14601Tyr's Blessing5
8Regeneration Potion14537Regeneration Potion7
9Yggdrasil Berry607Yggdrasil Berry1
10Bubble Gum12210Bubble Gum1
11Token of Siegfried7621Token of Siegfried3
12Blessing Scroll12215Blessing Scroll10
13Increase Agility Scroll12216Increase Agility Scroll10
14Elite Siege Supply Box (Potions)14003Elite Siege Supply Box (Potions)1
15Dead Branch Box (3)12999Dead Branch Box (3)1
16Giant Fly Wing12212Giant Fly Wing10
17Angeling Potion12350Angeling Potion3
18Field Manual 100%14533Field Manual 100%1
19Yggdrasil Berry607Yggdrasil Berry3
20Bloody Branch12103Bloody Branch1