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Allows you to warp to dungeons that you have already visited. The dungeon list is reserved to only a few of them.

How does it work?


  • You have an account with 3 characters. You make the Moscovia Dungeon quest and you finally reach the map mosk_dun01.
  • You search for the Warpra there at mosk_dun01,188,48 and talk to her. Once you have spoken to her, you will have officially unlocked the Moscovia Dungeon.
  • Your other 2 characters in your account will be granted access to Moscovia Dungeon as well. You will not have to repeat the quest with your other 2 characters.
  • You can now interact with Warpra in towns, allowing you to teleport to the Moscovia dungeon by paying the requested fee. This applies for any other dungeon.


Every town.

Image Warpra in Towns:

Warpra NPC

Image Warpra in Dungeons:

Warpr Helper NPC


25,000 Zeny


Dungeon NameLocation
Amatsu Dungeonama_dun01,226,7
Kiel Robot Factorykh_dun01,14,224
Moscovia Dungeonmosk_dun01,188,48
Cursed Abbey Dungeonabbey01,46,10
Rachel Dungeonra_san01,139,144
Thanatos Towertha_t07,111,162
Manuk Field (New World)man_fild01,31,240
Midgard Camp (New World)mid_camp,206,283
Splendide (New World)spl_fild02,373,221