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Poring Coin Store

Poring Coin Store

This NPC will sell you items in exchange for Poring Coins.


Coordinates: prt_in,38,108


Poring Coin Store NPC

Poring Coin Store Items

*PC = Poring Coin

ImageItem IDNamePrice (PC)Tradable
Blessing Scroll Box12913Blessing Scroll Box15No
Increase Agi Scroll Box12914Increase Agi Scroll Box15No
Infinity Fly Wing12887Infinity Fly Wing800Yes
Battle Manual 100%14533Battle Manual 100%35No
Bubble Gum 100%12210Bubble Gum 100%500No
Gym Pass7776Gym Pass65Yes
Speed Potion (10) Box13995Speed Potion (10) Box5Yes
Bloody Branch12103Bloody Branch300Yes