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YARS World receives you with a starter pack for your adventure. You can claim it from the Freebies NPC.

🚨 These items are binded and can only be claimed once per player. This means, if one player has several accounts, the player will be able to claim the freebies only once.🚨


Coordinates: new_1-1,66,111


Freebies NPC

Freebies starter pack

ImageItem IDNameAmount
Battle Manual 50%12208Battle Manual 50%2
Blessing Scroll Box12913Blessing Scroll Box1
Increase Agi Scroll Box12914Increase Agi Scroll Box1
Novice Fly wing12323Novice Fly wing100
Novice Butterfly Wing12324Novice Butterfly Wing50
Novice Potion569Novice Potion500
Free Ticket for Kafra Storage7059Free Ticket for Kafra Storage25
Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation7060Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation30
Costume Bear Backpack20582Costume Bear Backpack1
Costume Sunglass Baseball Cap31805Costume Sunglass Baseball Cap1