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Season 2

Cash Shop - Season 2

🚨 All the items in the Cash Shop are Cosmetics/Costumes. 🚨

They DO NOT provide any advantage to players.

*CP = Cash Point

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NPC Location

Note: You are able to preview the items on your character by using the NPC.

Coordinates: prt_in,38,104


Cash Shop NPC


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Costume Black Cat Ears Beret20191Costume Black Cat Ears Beret120
Costume Forest Guide31598Costume Forest Guide100
Costume Black Witch Hat20395Costume Black Witch Hat120
Yellow Hunting Cap31323Yellow Hunting Cap100
Costume Mermaid Wig31672Costume Mermaid Wig200
Costume Nine Tail Fox Hair31707Costume Nine Tail Fox Hair200
Costume Nydhoggur Wig White31406Costume Nydhoggur Wig White200
Costume Angeling Bread Hat400115Costume Angeling Bread Hat60
Costume Black Cowboy Hat31140Costume Black Cowboy Hat60
Costume Black Rabbit Headband20068Costume Black Rabbit Headband120
Costume Blue Pajamas19866Costume Blue Pajamas80
Costume Choco Banana Bonnet15858Costume Choco Banana Bonnet120
Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphones (Red)19294Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphones (Red)120
Costume Darkness Helm19721Costume Darkness Helm150
Costume Dragon General Helm20008Costume Dragon General Helm100
Costume Dragon Helm19667Costume Dragon Helm120
Costume Evil Marcher Hat20199Costume Evil Marcher Hat100
Costume Hunter Hat20204Costume Hunter Hat100
Costume Musketeer Hat20148Rune Helm100


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Costume Black Glasses19722Costume Black Glasses80
Costume Charleston Antenna20318Costume Charleston Antenna80
Costume Crimson Booster20319Costume Crimson Booster80
Costume GeminiS58 Eyes Blue19158Costume GeminiS58 Eyes Blue80
Costume Love Cheeks20255Costume Love Cheeks100
Costume Devil Whisper19542Costume Devil Whisper50
Costume Twinkling Red Eyes31716Costume Twinkling Red Eyes100


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Costume Chilly Breath19992Costume Chilly Breath70
Costume Dwarf Beard31087Costume Dwarf Beard100
Costume Cherry Twig In Mouth18677Costume Cherry Twig In Mouth100
Costume Monster Card19764Costume Monster Card100


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Eremes Scarf Blue31545Eremes Scarf Blue50
Eremes Scarf Black31057Eremes Scarf Black50
Costume Brown Stole31164Costume Brown Stole50
Poporing Muffler31586Poporing Muffler50
Dark Snake Lord Stall31559Dark Snake Lord Stall100


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Costume Decoration of Music19871Costume Decoration of Music150
Costume Decoration Time20246Costume Decoration Time150
Costume Little Aquarium20325Costume Little Aquarium150
Costume Moon and Stars18742Costume Moon and Stars150
Costume Love Feeling31454Costume Love Feeling180
Costume Floating Shield31851Costume Floating Shield200
Costume Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc20430Costume Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc250


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
C_Wing_Of_Angel_Move_GD20571Costume Valkyrie Wings500
Costume Cupid's Pink Wings20504Costume Cupid's Pink Wings180
Costume Wings of Uriel20509Costume Wings of Uriel250
Costume Blue Wings of Fairy20511Costume Blue Wings of Fairy250
Costume Wings of Michael20516Costume Wings of Michael250
Costume Crimson Wings20525Costume Crimson Wings250


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Costume Super Cute Dog31455Costume Super Cute Dog120
Costume Evolved Whisper Mask19920Costume Evolved Whisper Mask120
Costume Crow Tengu Mask20399Costume Crow Tengu Mask130
Costume Wolf Masquerade31179Costume Wolf Masquerade150


ImageItem IDNamePrice (CP)
Boarding_Halter12622Boarding Halter250