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Homunculus AI

Homunculus AI

  1. Download mirAI here.
  2. Go to the folder where YARS World is installed.
  3. Delete AI and AI_Sakray folders.
  4. Extract mirAI.rar in the YARS folder.
  5. Setup your homunculus type in Standard_Mod.lua with notepad inside USER_AI Folder. Folder path should be: YARS/AI_sakray/USER_AI.
  6. Open YARS.exe > Start Game and login to your account.
  7. Run Config.exe in AI_sakray/USER_AI folder to configure the AI.
  8. Write /hoai in game until it says "AI Customized".
  9. Restart your game.
  10. Done.

Video Tutorial

Video Credits: Sink ❤️