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Cute Pet System

Cute Pet System

The Cute Pet System is a system which allows players to tame monsters to become pets. They give special stat bonuses to the player when they are Cordial and Loyal. There are several types of pets with varying levels of difficulty to obtain and to keep fed.


To tame a pet, a Cute Pet Taming Item must be used. These items are obtained through monster drops or special quests. To use one, double click on it in the Item Window. When the desired monster to tame is on the screen, click on the monster. A slot machine will appear and it must be clicked to get a chance at taming the monster. In case of failure, the taming item is lost and no pet is gotten. In case of success, the taming item will be used and a Cute Pet Egg will be received. The success rate is unaffected by stats and Provoke, but does increase as target monster health decreased. When the target is at 1% HP the base rate appears to increase by at most 67% (two thirds) multiplicatively (tested on iRO - see Discussion page).

For example, a Rocker has a base tame success rate of 15%. If Rocker is down to 1% HP, the success rate is increased to 25% (15 * 1.67). Having /skillsnap enabled makes targeting the monster easier. Inflicting Bleeding on the monster is a great way to reduce hp to 1 without killing them (e.g. Skogul Card).


Once a Cute Pet egg has been obtained, use a Pet Incubator to hatch it. To hatch the egg, click on the Incubator. Click on the desired egg to hatch and it will appear.

The first thing that should be done is to feed the pet. To feed a pet, right-click on it and choose "Feed Pet." For cost savings when working towards Loyal, only feed it when its hunger is at Hungry. To tame it faster, feed it when its hunger is at Neutral, but do not feed it any earlier than that. The pet will then make an emote, letting the owner know it has eaten. It should give the /ok emote. If it is repeatedly fed, it will give the /hmm or /pif emote. Feed it again and it will use the /omg emote and leave.

A pet can also be renamed through the Cute Pet Window (Alt+J). This can be done only once.

To return the pet into its egg, simply right-click on the pet and choose the selection. Another Incubator is needed to hatch the pet again. It is not necessary to take accessories off the pet prior to put it into its egg.


Intimacy StatusIntimacy RateCharacteristics
AwkwardBelow 100Ready to abandon its owner
Shy100 ~ 249Uses unhappy emotes such as /pif and /wah
Neutral250 ~ 749Uses friendly emotes such as /no1 and /ok
Cordial750 ~ 909Uses affectionate emotes such as /lv and /kis
Loyal910 ~ 1,000Talks often and uses affectionate emotes

A pet is given a random number of intimacy points between 100 and 399 when it's first hatched. The higher level the pet is, the less intimacy it will begin with. Feeding a pet increases its intimacy relative to its level and hunger; higher level pets get less intimacy per feeding, and vice versa.

A pet's hunger level is classified using the following terms

Stuffed100 ~ 91
Satisfied90 ~ 76
Neutral75 ~ 26
Hungry25 ~ 11
Very Hungry10 ~ 0
  • Hunger rate for every pet is different, the chart below shows the hunger rate for every pet.
  • Each feeding will increase pet's hunger level by 20.
  • Each feeding will decrease pet's intimacy by 100 when overfed.
  • An unevolved pet’s intimacy decreases by 20 points when its owner dies.
  • If a pet is starving, its intimacy decreases by 20 every 20 seconds. The exception is the Little Poring, the intimacy of which decreases by 1 every 20 seconds instead.
  • Intimacy doesn't decrease when a pet is returned to its egg.

Comparison Chart

MonsterLevelTaming ItemFoodAccessoryBonusesHunger Level Decrease per MinuteIntimacy Increase per FeedCapture Rate
Alice100Soft ApronWhite PotionNoneMDEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%2208%
Baby Desert Wolf14Well-Dried BonePet FoodTransparent Head ProtectorINT +1, Max SP +2064010%
Baphomet Jr.57Book of DevilHoneySkull HelmetDEF & MDEF +1, Stun Resistance -1%2102%
Bongun59Her HeartPet FoodGrave Keeper's SwordVIT +1, Stun Resistance +1%4305%
Chonchon5Rotten FishPet FoodMonster Oxygen MaskAGI +1, FLEE +263015%
Christmas Snow Rabbit3NoneCandyNoneDuring Christmas: EXP +2%, MATK +2%310None
Deleter (Ground)105Holy MarbleWhole BarbequeNoneNone4208%
Deviruchi93Contract in ShadowShootPacifierATK & MATK +1%, Max HP & Max SP -3%2105%
Diabolic104Red Burning StoneMeat SkewerNoneNone2108%
Dokebi68Old BroomPet FoodWigMATK +1%, ATK -1%4205%
Drops2Orange JuiceYellow HerbPoring Pet BackpackHIT +3, ATK +344015%
Dullahan108Luxury Whisky BottleSunset On The RockRing of DeathCRIT +531010%
Eclipse6Event QuestBok ChoyNoneNone35020%
Evil Nymph97Charming LotusMorning DewJade TrinketMax SP +30, Increases SP Recovery by 5%31510%
Goblin (Dagger)48Knife Goblin RingGreen AppleNoneNone3508%
Goblin (Flail)44Flail Goblin RingNoneNone3508%
Goblin (Hammer)45Hammer Goblin RingNoneNone3508%
Goblin Leader55Staff of LeaderBig CellNice BadgeIncreases damage to Demi-Human monsters by 3%.71010%
Golem61Magical LithographyMystic StoneWindup RingFLEE +5, Max HP +10072010%
Green Maiden82Tantan NoodleBunNoneDEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%35020%
Gremlin118Airship PartCheap LubricantNoneDEX +1 HIT +1 (Cordial), DEX +2 HIT +1 (Loyal)(-)50(-)
Hard Rice Cake12Chewy Rice PowderGreen HerbNoneNeutral Resistance +1%, Max HP -1%35020%
Hunter Fly63Monster JuiceRed GemstoneMonster Oxygen MaskFLEE -5, Perfect Dodge +25105%
Imp129Ice FireworksFlame GemstoneHorn BarrierFire Resistance +2%, Physical damage to Fire monster +1%3103%
Incubus120Girl's NaivetyYellow Vital FlowerBall MaskMax SP +5%, adds a 2% chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing a physical attack.31010%
Leaf Cat64Very Soft PlantFish With Blue BackGreen Lucky BagIncreases Brute Resistance by 3%72010%
Little Poring1Little Unripe AppleApple JuiceNoneHP Recovery +50%3100090%
Loli Ruri109Very Red JuicePumpkin PieFashionable GlassesMax HP +3%, may autocast Heal Lv. 1 when physically attacked31510%
Lunatic3Rainbow CarrotCarrot JuiceSilk RibbonATK +2, CRIT +244015%
Mao Guai89Fan Of WindFlavored AlcoholGolden EarringMax SP +1031010%
Marionette90Delicious Shaved IceSmall Snow FlowerStar HairbandMay activate (Neutral Resistance +20%, 100 HP Regen/2 sec) for 3 seconds when physically attacked31010%
Medusa102Splendid MirrorApple PuddingQueen's CoronetVIT +1, Stone Resistance +5%31010%
Miyabi Doll85Girl's DollWell Ripened BerrySummer FanINT +1, Var Cast Time -3%31510%
Mummy55Spiritual BandageMementoNoneHIT +4 (Cordial), HIT +5 (Loyal)(-)50(-)
Munak58No RecipientPet FoodPunisherINT +1, DEF +13205%
New Year Doll??Event QuestMojjiNoneNone330None
Nightmare Terror107Hell ContractFresh SaladHell HornInt + 1, Sleep Resistance +100%3103%
Nine Tail72Sap JellySuspicious BottleNoneHIT +2 CRIT +2 (Cordial), HIT +3 CRIT +2 (Loyal)(-)8(-)
Orc Warrior44Orc TrophyPet FoodWild FlowerATK +10, DEF -35205%
Peco Peco25Fatty Chubby EarthwormPet FoodBattered PotMax HP +150, Max SP -1043010%
Petite (Ground)86Shining StonePet FoodStellar HairpinDEF & MDEF -2, ASPD +1%4205%
Picky9Earthworm the DudeRed HerbTiny Egg ShellSTR +1, ATK +544020%
Poison Spore26Deadly Noxious HerbPet FoodBark ShortsSTR +1, INT +132010%
Poporing30Bitter HerbGreen HerbPoring Pet BackpackLUK +2, Poison Resistance +10%53010%
Poring1Unripe AppleApple JuicePoring Pet BackpackLUK +2, CRIT +135020%
Rocker15Singing FlowerPet FoodRocker GlassesHP Recovery +5%, Max HP +2513015%
Roween95Stinky Rotten MeatRotten MeatNoneWind Magic Damage 2% (Cordial), Wind Magic Damage 3% (Loyal)(-)50(-)
Santa Goblin25Sweet Candy CaneScellNoneMax HP +30, Water Resistance +1%35020%
Savage Bebe14Sweet MilkPet FoodGreen LaceVIT +1, Max HP +5074015%
Skeleton Transfer Station14Event QuestFresh FishRed Bell NecklaceIncreases the recovery rate of Fresh Fish by 100%.4?None
Roost of Skelion1Event QuestYummy MeatDark ManeIncreases the recovery rate of Fresh Fish by 100%.4?None
Shinobi95KulorenGrilled Rice CakeWine on SleeveAGI +272010%
Smokie29Sweet PotatoPet FoodRed ScarfAGI +1, Perfect Dodge +143010%
Sohee64Silver Knife of ChastityPet FoodGolden BellSTR +1, DEX +13105%
Spore18Dew Laden MossPet FoodBark ShortsHIT +5, ATK -233015%
Steel Chonchon48Rusty IronIron OreMonster Oxygen MaskFLEE +6, AGI -152010%
Stone Shooter64Oilpalm CoconutPlant NeutrientAfro HairFire skill resistance +3%72010%
Succubus119Boy's Pure HeartBlue Vital FlowerBlack Butterfly Mask2% chance to leech 5% of the damage as HP when performing a physical attack.3103%
Teddy Bear91Small Doll NeedleCotton TuftsNoneMax SP + 50 (Cordial), Max SP + 100 (Loyal)3810%
Tikbalang115Tikbalang HarnessMonster's FeedNoneDamage to Bakonawa, Bangungot, and Buwaya +10%81010%
Wanderer120Vagabond's SkullSpirit LiquorNoneNone2208%
Wandering Duck10Shiny Doll ButtonCotton TuftsTwinkle Star ButtonPerfect Hit +5 (Cordial), Perfect Hit +10 (Loyal)???
Whisper46Ghost CoffinDamp DarknessSpirit ChainFLEE + 7, Enables the use of Hiding Lv.172010%
White Lady97Gingerbread CookieTraditional Cookie??None7103%
Willow8Old Tree's DewFine-grained TrunkNoneINT +2 (Cordial), INT +3 (Loyal)(-)50(-)
Yoyo38Tropical BananaBanana JuiceMonkey CircletCRIT +3, LUK -152010%
Zealotus105Forbidden Red CandleImmortal HeartNoneDamage & Magic Damage to Demi Human +2%7103%