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Tool dealer

Tool dealer

We have included more items to all tool dealers in the game to make it easier to find the items you need.

ImageItem IDNameBuying Price
Magnifier611Magnifier40 z
Arrow1750Arrow1 z
Silver Arrow1751Silver Arrow3 z
Fire Arrow1752Fire Arrow3 z
Arrow of Wind1755Arrow of Wind3 z
Iron Arrow1770Iron Arrow2 z
Red Potion501Red Potion50 z
Orange Potion502Orange Potion200 z
Yellow Potion503Yellow Potion550 z
White Potion504White Potion1,200 z
Blue Potion505Blue Potion7,000 z
Green Potion506Green Potion40 z
Grape514Grape1,500 z
Concentration Potion645Concentration Potion800 z
Awakening Potion 656Awakening Potion1,500 z
Berserk Potion657Berserk Potion3,000 z
Fly Wing601Fly Wing60 z
Butterfly Wing602Butterfly Wing300 z
Blue Gemstone717Blue Gemstone600 z
Yggdrasil Leaf610Yggdrasil Leaf4000 z
Trap1065Trap100 z