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Poring coins

Poring Coins

Poring Coin

Poring Coins are a secondary currency to the game. They are used to buy items from the Poring Coin Store.

How to obtain Poring Coins

  • All monsters have a 5.00% chance to drop a Poring Coin.
  • All MVPs have a 100% chance to drop a Poring Coin.
  • Special seasonal events.

Why are Poring Coins added?

  • To give new players the opportunity to either exchange or sell them for zeny to other veteran players.
  • To give veteran players the opportunity to use them for useful utility items.
  • To use them as a currency for certain NPCs such as the Reset NPC.

Balances to avoid abuse of farming them

  • @autoloot will not work when killing a monster with Homunculus. Read more here.

Monsters that will not drop Poring Coins

1097Ant EggAnt Egg
1078Red PlantRed Plant
1079Blue PlantBlue Plant
1080Green PlantGreen Plant
1081Yellow PlantYellow Plant
1082White PlantWhite Plant
1084Black MushroomBlack Mushroom
1085Red MushroomRed Mushroom