Item Random Options

Item Random Options

We use the random option system but we have re-written the entire mechanics of it to make it more balanced and fair. To avoid loosing control of auto-generated random options on items when monsters drop them, we have created a NPC to handle them.

How can I get random options to an item?

The NPC Barkus the Enchanter will help you to add them to any item in your equipment.

How does it work when adding enchant to items?

  • You can add up to 1 random option per item.
  • The pricing list can be found here: Barkus the Enchanter

Is there a risk of my item breaking when adding random options?

This depends on the currency and the amount you are paying. Read more here: Barkus the Enchanter

Will my item loose cards / refinement when adding random options?

No, your item will remain as it is when adding random options.

How does it work when removing enchant to items?

  • There is no risk of breaking the item.
  • If the item has been refined, the refine amount will remain.
  • If the item has any card, the cards will be lost during this process.
  • The higher refine rate it has, the less Poring Coins the player will get back.
  • The max amount of Poring Coins a player can receive is 500 coins.
  • The amount of Poring Coins received is totally random and it is based on the following formula.
  • The formula to calculate the payback of Poring Coins to player is:
    • MaxAmountPoringCoins = 500 - [Item Refine Rate] * 50
    • Payback = random(0,MaxAmountPoringCoins)
  • If there is no refine on the item, the formula would be:
    • MaxAmountPoringCoins = 500
    • Payback = random(0,MaxAmountPoringCoins)


Random Option TypeMin ValueMax ValueProbability
Str13+1 (60%) | +2 (30%) | +3 (10%)
Agi13+1 (60%) | +2 (30%) | +3 (10%)
Vit13+1 (60%) | +2 (30%) | +3 (10%)
Int13+1 (60%) | +2 (30%) | +3 (10%)
Dex13+1 (60%) | +2 (30%) | +3 (10%)
Luk13+1 (60%) | +2 (30%) | +3 (10%)
HP Regen %11010% (any value)
SP Regen %11010% (any value)
ATK %12+1 (70%) | +2 (30%)
MATK %12+1 (70%) | +2 (30%)


Random Option TypeMin ValueMax Value
MaxHP %18
MaxSP %18


Random Option TypeMin ValueMax Value
Reduce Neutral Property damage %15
Reduce Water Property damage %15
Reduce Earth Property damage %15
Reduce Fire Property damage %15
Reduce Wind Property damage %15
Reduce Poison Property damage %15
Reduce Holy Property damage %15
Reduce Shadow Property damage %15
Reduce Ghost Property damage %15
Reduce Undead Property damage %15


Random Option Type
Armor Element Water
Armor Element Earth
Armor Element Fire
Armor Element Wind
Armor Element Poison
Armor Element Shadow
Armor Element Undead


Weapons behave a bit more special. Your random options depend on the class that you are playing. There is also specific random options added to specific classes.

Example: A mage class will get MATK and a swordsman will get ATK.

This avoids having unwanted random options on your weapon. It does not make sense to increase ATK% on a magician weapon or vice versa.

What classes are considered a Mage Class?

Mage, High Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Sage, Professor, Acolyte

Non Mage Classes

Random Option TypeMin ValueMax Value
ATK % against Formless Monster115
ATK % against Undead Monster115
ATK % against Brute Monster115
ATK % against Plant Monster115
ATK % against Fish Monster115
ATK % against Demon Monster115
ATK % against DemiHuman Monster115
ATK % against Angel Monster115
ATK % against Dragon Monster115
ATK % against Element Water type115
ATK % against Element Earth type115
ATK % against Element Fire type115
ATK % against Element Wind type115
ATK % against Element Poison type115
ATK % against Element Shadow type115
ATK % against Element Undead type115

Mage Classes

Random Option TypeMin ValueMax Value
MATK % against Formless Monster115
MATK % against Undead Monster115
MATK % against Brute Monster115
MATK % against Plant Monster115
MATK % against Fish Monster115
MATK % against Demon Monster115
MATK % against DemiHuman Monster115
MATK % against Angel Monster115
MATK % against Dragon Monster115
MATK % against Element Water type115
MATK % against Element Earth type115
MATK % against Element Fire type115
MATK % against Element Wind type115
MATK % against Element Poison type115
MATK % against Element Shadow type115
MATK % against Element Undead type115

Priest and High Priest

Random Option TypeMin ValueMax Value
Increase Healing effect %112


Random Option TypeMin ValueMax Value
Formless Monster Resistance %115
Undead Monster Resistance %115
Brute Monster Resistance %115
Plant Monster Resistance %115
Fish Monster Resistance %115
Demon Monster Resistance %115
DemiHuman Monster Resistance %18
Angel Monster Resistance %115
Dragon Monster Resistance %115

Balances to avoid abuse

  • Armor Enchant NPC has been removed since it is already possible to obtain +1, +2 or +3 on any stat by getting random options on accessories.