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General Changes

General Changes


  • Possibility to equip elemental arrows.


  • Poring Coins can be stealed from regular monsters.

Alchemist with Homunculus

  • Homunculus autoloot is disabled

/Memo maps

  • All maps that include repeatable quests are now possible to memo and warp to them.
  • Exception: Even tho if it is a repeatable quest map. If the map spawns an MVP, it will not be possible to memo to it in order to avoid abuse.

Custom allowed memo maps

Here you can find the list of maps that are allowed to be memoed and warped to.

Map NameShort nameMotivation
Glast Heimglast_01Glast Heim entrance
Solitary Village in Niflheimnif_fild01Niflheim Access
Audhumbla Grasslandra_fild01Ice Dungeon Entrance
El Mes Plateauyuno_fild03Magma Dungeon Entrance
Veins Fieldve_fild03Thor Dungeon Entrance

QoL / Balances to avoid abuse

  • [➖ Removed] - Bubble Gum effect will be removed from players after logging out.